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MAP Donor Site Visit and Testimonial

Dear Friends, I wanted to share with you my firsthand personal experience I had visiting one out of numerous operations MAP is running helping children in Iran. This was an awakening moment for me. Just

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Our President’s Trip to Iran

Dear Friends,  I am so pleased to share some details of my recent trip to Iran. Our travels began in Kerman, near the southeast of Iran. There, several friends and board members from the United

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My Childhood Dream

Instead of playing, enjoying hot meals with my family, sleeping and going to school, the best I could hope for was that car owners would let me clean their windshields and give me a small

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Impact of your Generosity in Iran

My childhood was really tough. My parents’ disabilities and having nowhere to live but at my aunt’s house, made it very hard. Still, among all the problems, my younger sister’s smile was the thing that

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Norooz Reflections

Growing up, Norooz always meant family gatherings, delicious sabzi polo mahi, picking out new clothes, the exchange of crisp $2 bills, and the joy and laughter that is so uniquely tied to being around extended

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The Empowering Story of Maryam

Hello, my name is Maryam. That’s me in the photo… next to my Mom and the baby. It’s so very cold here and it’s getting colder day by day. It’s getting colder in our hearts

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Her name means “blessed or sacred” and despite all the hardships her family is experiencing, Moghaddas feels her life is true to her name. Living in a remote area of the Sistan and Baluchestan Province

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I Will Definitely Become A Doctor

The sky is blue, and the wind is blowing, as white clouds gently float above. The crunching sound of the snow beneath people’s steps resemble the sound of a whimper. Everyone has gathered to learn

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