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Our URGENT Initiatives

U.S. Hunger Relief Campaign

Iran Water Campaign

Afghan Refugee Campaign

Since 2008, MAP has impacted nearly 2,000,000 lives in 16 countries.


children received food, water, sanitation and shelter


children received free education


children received free healthcare​

Moms Against Poverty's
Charitable Work in Iran

2008 - 2019

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Our Impact

Our History

2008 - 2019

2006: A Seed is Planted

While adopting her oldest child, Delfarib Fanaie met a young girl by the name of Sepideh who asked her, “why can’t you take me with you?” Stirred by this experience, with no way to respond to this sweet girl, Delfarib knew her life would never be the same. She became determined to inspire friends, family and co-workers to join the movement to end childhood poverty.