Help us fight global childhood poverty by providing Education, Hunger Relief, Orphan Care, and Health Care.

Fighting child poverty globally is a colossal undertaking but if we work together we can make a difference. We are dedicated to empowering children with the tools they need to thrive. Most of all we aim to bring them something that can't be measured: HOPE!



These are the current campaigns, events, fundraisers, and latest news at Moms Against Poverty. Please stay up-to-date with our ongoing projects!

Our Programs

Moms Against Poverty is a global 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2008.

Over 2,550,000 lives Impacted in 16 countries

Over 2,600,000 lives Impacted in 16 countries


children received food, water, sanitation and shelter


children received access to education


children received free healthcare​


Moms Against Poverty operates in four core countries:
The United States, Iran, Senegal, and Cambodia with extensions into 12 more countries over the years on a grant-by-grant basis.

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$19, $38, $57 - Can help save 1, 2, or 3 children's lives each month

Your reoccurring monthly donation helps to maintain our ongoing programs across our four core countries: U.S., Iran, Senegal, and Cambodia. These programs include maintenance of existing schools and vocational workshops, sustaining orphanages, feeding the children in the schools we support, providing clean water, and more.

Our OFAC License

Moms Against Poverty maintains two OFAC licenses (one General and one Specific) from the U.S. Department of Treasury for humanitarian purposes and can collect tax-exempt donations to support our ongoing relief efforts and other charitable-related activities in Iran.

Our recently renewed license increased the number of funds we are able to transfer to $17M over two years. We are overjoyed and look forward to increasing our work in Iran!