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Iran is a country in Western Asia with a population of over 90 million people. It’s considered one of the cradles of civilization and one of the most influential cultures in the world. Much of Iran consists of a central desert plateau, which is surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges. Due to its geographical location, the Iranian people are subject to many natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and droughts.

Since 2010

Since 2010, Moms Against Poverty has been building educational facilities, establishing healthcare facilities, providing food and basic provisions, operating orphanages, and giving ongoing care for children in need. Our programs address the root causes of poverty by offering communities with opportunities for a brighter future.

Since 2010, children have received food, shelter, education, and health care through our work in Iran. During this time, we’ve:

  • Constructed over 85 educational institutions, 2 medical centers, 2 libraries, 1 orphanage, and 1 cultural and vocational training center.
  • Renovated and equipped 82 village schools, 30 libraries, and 30 orphanages and rehabilitation centers for special needs children.
  • Provided emergency relief for thousands of children and families affected by devastating natural disasters like earthquakes and floods.
  • Supported thousands of orphaned, disabled, and disadvantaged children under the care of social services in Iran.

In 2023


  • Constructed 20 schools nationwide to enhance access to education for children in poor regions
  • Distributed school supplies to over 1,000 impoverished students
  • Conducted empowerment workshops for female youth and heads of households in 3 provinces

Health Care & Wellness

  • Built a comprehensive healthcare center in Saveh County, Markazi Province 
  • Supplied critical equipment, including infant incubators, to 3 hospitals 
  • Constructed 8 sanitation facilities for nomadic communities in Kalateh-ye Baluch, South Khorasan Province
  • Offered living and medical aid to 40 individuals with disabilities

Hunger Relief & Basic Provisions

  • Supplied food and essential needs to 16 orphanages catering to infants and toddlers nationwide
  • Provided breakfast to approximately 3,950 nomadic students in South Khorasan Province
  • Distributed food vouchers and packages to about 2,500 families, benefiting 10,000-11,500 individuals
  • Extended living and employment assistance to around 20 families in poor circumstances 
  • Provided piped gas lines to 48 rural households in South Khorasan Province
  • Supplied bread to over 10,000 people in impoverished regions
  • Distributed winter clothes and shoes to approximately 9,500 impoverished children across the country

Orphan Care

  • Undertook a comprehensive renovation and furnished an orphanage catering to children aged 7-18+ in Tehran Province, while also assuming full responsibility for its day-to-day operations 
  • Operated 3 orphanages catering to children aged 3-18 across three provinces
  • Provided essential equipment and facilities to various orphanages 

In 2022



  • 16 schools were constructed or are in progress in 10 provinces
  • 38 schools and vocational schools were equipped or repaired across several provinces
  • 76 computers, 820 school supply packages, 213 backpacks, printers, and teaching aids books weresupplied across Iran, including 78 nomadic schools
  • 34 refrigerators and freezers were supplied to schools in South Khorasan province
  • 3 Empowerment Workshops were equipped and held for young girls and women in Sistan & Baluchestan and Kerman provinces

Health Care & Wellness

  • 3 health care centers were constructed in Markazi, Sistan and Baluchestan, and Khuzestan provinces
  • 184 healthcare centers were equipped in Sistan and Baluchestan province
  • 2 hospitals were provided with vital operating rooms and bedside equipment in Tehran
  • 41 wheelchairs were supplied to the needy and disabled in Sistan and Baluchestan province
  • 10 refrigerators for vaccine and sample preservation were supplied to the Pasteur Institute of Iran
  • Continued providing treatment allowances to children in several provinces in Iran

Hunger Relief & Basic Provisions

  •  8,600 food packages/food vouchers were distributed to those in need, including earthquake victims, the disabled, female heads of household, daycares, and expectant women
  • 20 nurseries (including care for orphans with disabilities) were provided with food and basic needs
  • 957,500 breakfasts were served to 3,924 nomadic children at schools in South Khorasan province
  • 18 provinces across Iran benefitted from our bread distribution program
  • 186 portable water tanks were provided for schools and areas in need. Water purifiers, desalination, and a piping system were also supplied in Sistan and Baluchestan province
  • 1,317 pairs of shoes were provided for students, including those in nomadic schools, in South Khorasan, Qom, and Kohgiluyeh & Boyer-Ahmad provinces
  • 8,000+ children received winter coats, shoes, and accessories in 16 provinces

Orphan Care

  • Continuously supported our 3 private orphanages in Gilan and Kerman for children aged 3-10
  • Established 1 Vocational Training Center in Kerman offering 4 types of courses for orphaned girls aged 13 and u
  • Supported 20 orphanages for children aged 0 and up (including orphans with disabilities) with food and basic needs

In 2021


  • 563 tablets, 60 computers, 821 school supply packages, 10,000 backpacks, and printers supplied across Iran, including 28 nomadic schools
  • 11 elementary schools, high schools, middle schools, and a dormitory constructed in North Khorasan, Lorestan, Kurdistan, Tehran, South Khorasan, Fars, Isfahan, and Ardabil
  • 11 preschools reconstructed and equipped across seven provinces
  • Supplied a laboratory and sports facility for a school in Kurdistan
  • 3 technical vocational schools for young women established in Kerman, Mazandaran, and Sistan and Baluchestan

Health & Wellness

  • Various hospitals equipped and supplied with hospital beds, 255 oxygen tanks, 358 oxygen regulators, a specialized laboratory hood, 41 wheelchairs, vaccine refrigerators, syringe pumps, stretchers, and mobile pulse oximeters in Fars, Tehran, Mashhad, Sistan and Baluchestan
  • 8 hospitals in Tehran supplied with food for COVID-19 patients
  • Reconstructing of Modarres Hospital pavilion in Tehran

Hunger Relief & Basic Provisions

  • 6 poor regions continued to receive bread distributions through the Breaking Bread program and an industrial bread making machine was supplied to the impoverished village of Sinak
  • 130 x 1000 liter, water tanks supplied, wells bored, purifiers, and desalination devices supplied to residents across eight villages of Sistan and Baluchestan
  • 8,742 sets of warm clothes, 2,300 pairs of shoes provided to children and teenagers in 10 provinces across Iran
  • 5,400 food packages distributed to starving Afghan refugees along the Iranian border
  • 21 nurseries supplied with formula, Cerelac, vegetables, milk, biscuits, beans, fruits, diapers, and bottles across 16 provinces in Iran
  • 1,348 food voucher cards distributed among welfare families in 10 provinces of Iran
  • 32 refrigerators supplied to 61 nomadic villages in South Khorasan
  • Providing for 25 disabled youth discharged from welfare on a continuous monthly basis and funding of several sick children’s complete medical care

Orphan Care

  • Establishment and ongoing support of two orphanages for girls aged 7-12 and 13-18 in Kerman
  • Establishment of an orphanage for boys aged 7-12 in Gilan
  • 4 rehabilitation centers built or completed supporting disabled youth discharged from the welfare organization in Tehran, Kermanshah, and Lorestan
  • Reconstruction of a dental clinic at the Ameneh Nursery benefitting the orphans who live there and 100s of children in the surrounding area
  • Providing two caretakers and two occupational therapists as well as basic provisions for two years for a daycare center for disabled children aged 7-12

In 2020


  • Built 13 new schools
  • Completed renovation and furnishing of 8 preschools
  • Provided education essentials, such as 182 tablets, 175 mobile phones, and 510 backpacks full of school supplies to school children

Health Care & Wellness

  • Built a medical rehabilitation center
  • Provided 27 ventilators, 7 electrocardiograms, 6 radiography machines, 3 oxygen machines, 8 BiPAP machines, 33 pulse oximeters, 7 vital signs monitors, 150 oxygen tanks, and 12 pieces of equipment to 30 hospitals across Iran combatting COVID-19
  • Provided 1,100,500 N95 respirator masks, 2,837,020 face masks, 23,386 medical gowns, 17,876 patient gowns, 12,650 face shields, 18,346 liters of sanitizers, 600 liters of rubbing alcohol, 200 boxes of gloves, and 15,000 sleeve and shoe covers to front-line doctors and nurses across Iran, fighting COVID-19
  • Supplied 25,000 hygiene kits to homeless shelters and at-risk children

Hunger Relief & Basic Provisions

  • Provided disaster relief and support to 200 families affected by floods in Sistan & Baluchestan by providing home appliances, blankets, clothing, and hygiene supplies. Additionally, 2,000 jackets and 4,300 pairs of shoes were distributed to needy children in the region to survive the winter

Orphan Care

  • Fully refurbished 5 orphanages while operating our own private orphanage

OFAC License for Iran

What is an OFAC license?

Moms Against Poverty is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. In addition to an Iran General License issued by OFAC of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Moms Against Poverty maintains a Specific License for humanitarian purposes and can collect tax-deductible donations to support the organization’s ongoing relief efforts and other charitable-related activities.

Our recently renewed license totals the number of funds we can send to Nikgaman Jamshid   Charity to $17M over two years. We are overjoyed and look forward to increasing our vital work in Iran! For more information about this license please refer to the video below!

Learn more about how we operate in Iran.

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