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MAP in Iran


Iran is a country in Western Asia with a population of 83 million people. It’s considered one of the cradles of civilization and one of the most influential cultures in the world. Much of Iran consists of a central desert plateau, which is surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges. Due to its geographical location, the Iranian people are subject to many natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and droughts.

Our Work in Iran

MAP has been serving impoverished children in various provinces in Iran since 2010. Our programs include supporting, renovating, equipping, and building schools, orphanages, and libraries. Additionally, MAP provides orphan care, healthcare, and disaster and humanitarian relief to children in need.

Since 2010, about 357,000 children have received food, shelter, education, and health care through MAP’s work in Iran. During this time, we’ve:

  • Constructed 36 schools, 2 medical centers, 2 libraries, 1 orphanage, and 1 cultural and vocational training center.
  • Renovated and equipped 82 village schools, 30 libraries, and 30 orphanages and rehabilitation centers for special needs children.
  • Provided emergency relief for thousands of children and families affected by devastating natural disasters like earthquakes and floods.
  • Supported thousands of orphaned, disabled, and disadvantaged children under the care of social services in Iran.
  • Established and currently operate a private orphanage (Golha).

MAP holds an OFAC license from the U.S. Treasury for humanitarian purposes and has been operating in Iran since 2010 through our sister NGO Nikgaman Jamshid. Learn more about how we operate in Iran.



Help Provide Water to Children
and Families in Iran

Children and families in Iran are suffering from a fifth wave of the coronavirus pandemic, an economy strained by sanctions, and a drought causing severe water shortage in the country.

Iran is in the middle of a climate crisis with no rain and the driest conditions seen in 53 years. Wells, dams, and rivers that supply water to towns and villages are drying up. The people of Sistan and Baluchestan, Khuzestan, and South Khorasan Provinces are experiencing a shortage of drinking water as well as water for agriculture.

As this video shows, thousands of children go thirsty and hungry every single day!

Please donate to help provide water and food for those in need.