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Hunger Relief & Basic Provisions Program

The U.N. reports that 1.3 billion people around the world live in extreme poverty and over 2 billion people suffer from moderate to severe levels of food insecurity, with women and children being at higher risk levels. According to the report over 17 percent of the world’s population lack regular access to nutritious and sufficient food. Additionally, 2.2 billion people currently don’t have access to clean drinking water, and 4.2 billion, or 55% of the world’s population, are without safely managed sanitation.

We collaborate with schools, centers, and shelters, both national and international, to provide food and basic provisions to impoverished children and their families. We work to improve the living conditions of these children and to ensure that their nutrition, personal hygiene, and basic needs are met.

As part of our Hunger Relief and Basic Provisions Program, we also aim to help the victims of disasters in the communities we serve. Our Disaster Relief Program operates in three phases. 

  1. We first offer emergency services and basic relief needs such as water, food, blankets, and tents to the victims of the disaster.
  2. Next, we provide temporary shelter, mobile units, and temporary infrastructure to offer health services and schooling to those in need.
  3. Finally, we identify and support the rebuilding process for the communities affected, like rebuilding schools, health centers, and refurbishing homes.

In 2022:

  • Overall 153,588 children and families received food and basic provisions
  •  In Iran, we fed and supplied basic provisions to 85,973 children and their families including food packages, food vouchers, warm jackets and shoes, water tanks, and water purifiers with desalination projects. 
  • In the United States, we distributed 152,791 pounds of food serving 35,700 kids. Moreover, we supported 1,999 children through basic provisions with 350 gift cards from our Mother’s Day Fundraiser, 300 gift cards and 235 blankets from our Holiday Helping Hand Project, and 314 costumes from our Halloween Costume Drive. Lastly, we delivered over 2,000 toys to 18 low-income locations across the Bay Area during the holiday season to children who might otherwise not receive a gift on Christmas.
  • In Cambodia, we provided access to monthly food provisions to 111 impoverished children in Prek Takov Commune. 
  • In Senegal, we supported 28 children at a rural orphanage with food, water, milk, medicine, and hygiene supplies. 
  • In Ghana, we supplied food for 750 needy children and families.
  • In Nepal, we distributed food to 480 young students. 
  • In Sierra Leone, we arranged food supply for 6,000 impoverished children.
*These are only a few of the many things we accomplished in 2022. Please stay tuned for our 2022 Annual Report to learn more!