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Health & Wellness Program

According to reports from the World Bank and the World Health Organization, at least half of the world’s population is too poor to access essential health care services. 

Moms Against Poverty offers a variety of health and wellness programs tailored to the specific needs of the children and the community they live in. This program provides children with the health services and tools to support their mental, physical, and educational growth and maturity.

In 2022:

  • Overall 166,786 children and families received health care support
  • In Iran, we supported health care initiatives for 163, 540 impoverished children and their families including the construction of 3 health centers, while equipping, supplying, and providing for another 9 across the same number of provinces throughout the country.
  • In the United States, we supplied 14,307 hygiene products to local Bay Area schools, organizations, and churches to care for 13,218 children and families in need. 
  • In Senegal, we provided 2,746 children with access to health care.
  • In Sierra Leona, we distributed hygiene products and educated women on feminine hygiene to 7,500 women and children. 
*These are only a few of the many things we accomplished in 2022. Please stay tuned for our 2022 Annual Report to learn more!

Help Provide Health & Wellness Services to hundreds of Impoverished Children