Impact of your Generosity in Iran

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Impact of your Generosity in Iran

By Iran Team

My childhood was really tough. My parents’ disabilities and having nowhere to live but at my aunt’s house, made it very hard. Still, among all the problems, my younger sister’s smile was the thing that kept me going.

Now, weddings are always joyful occasions, but my cousin’s wedding was disastrous for us. It meant we had to move out of my aunt’s house so that my cousin and her new husband could live there. So, in addition to worrying about where our next meal would come from, now my mother had the agony of having nowhere for her family to live.  Still, her faith in God kept her going.

Yesterday, I was dreaming of us all enjoying a delicious meal.  I told my mother about it, but she was so worried about our housing problems, that all she could say was that the Lord would bless us. I couldn’t help but wonder how those words would stop my hunger. My dad’s reaction was to tear up as he looked at me, helpless.

The next morning, my mother got dressed and went out. When she came back, she told me to get dressed quickly, as we were going shopping together to buy my favorite foods. I put on my clothes with great excitement and we went to the store together.

I have always seen on TV that people take shopping carts at supermarkets and put their purchases in them.  I could not believe that my mother had brought me here and I could buy any food I liked! Suddenly, I was looking at shelves of delicious food – and could pick what I wanted and put it in our cart!  When we went to the cashier, my mother took out a card from her bag that I had never seen before; I only heard the cashier calling it a Gift Card. I do not know who had given it to my mother, but that small card brought an excitement and happiness to me that I’d never felt before.  Now I understood my mother’s faith that one day God would bless us with kind and generous gifts.



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