What’s New in Nepal?

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What’s New in Nepal?

By Jasmine Samsami

Our efforts in Nepal continue to grow substantially, in partnership with Sunsar Maya, a local NGO on the ground providing educational opportunities to better the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Nepal. With their support we were able to provide life-saving food and supplies to families living in extreme poverty during the COVID-19 pandemic, doubling our impact and helping with initiatives to decrease the struggles 3 million households have faced this past year.

Essentially, Moms Against Poverty was able to provide a monthly distribution of food, cooking oil, and cleaning supplies to 352 men, women, and children during the months of October, November, and December in the communities of Mahalaxmi and Jorpati. This ensured that every Sunsar Maya student (after-school and women’s literacy) and their family received sufficient food and supplies for each member to receive three meals a day, every day, and every month.

Over the course of 3 months we were able to accomplish:

Families Adults Children Total Individuals
Total MAP Distribution in October  78 + 2 orphanages 150 179 329
Total MAP Distribution in November 79 + 1 orphanage 148 167 315
Total MAP Distribution in December 79 + 1 orphanage 154 170 324
With this in mind, it is important to note MAP’s overall contribution in 2020 impacted a total of 420 families/1,674 individuals (901 adults, 771 children) through 15 distributions last year! Were it not for funding from Moms Against Poverty, hundreds of families would not have made it through the year, hence we are utterly grateful for the generosity of our partnership, donors, and team for the undivided support we continue to embrace.

With great excitement, we have identified a second orphanage needing our support in October and were able to distribute food and supplies to 14 children and 2 adults through the MAP grant. Thus, highlighting the natural intersection of our programs (education, hygiene, food, and shelter) with one another. Managing to bring our efforts together, and impacting the lives of those who may need assistance in more ways than one.

While we embark on the new year, we mark the end of Sunsar Maya’s emergency food relief efforts, all while our commitment to these communities continues. This would not be possible without the hard work and passion of our team and supporters. We hope you find our initiatives impactful and would truly appreciate your continued support through our monthly giving program linked below, in order to maintain a recurring stream of provisions for those in Nepal needing our attention.

With thanks,

Jasmine Samsami
Marketing and Social Media Manager

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