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Welcome to Angel House

By Angel House Team

Angel House Orphanage Foundation opened in 2010 and has cared for more than one hundred children over the past eleven years. Our charity is registered, licensed and accredited by the government social services to provide temporary care and also to process adoption cases. Nearly all of our children are referred to us by other social welfare agencies requiring placement of abandoned, neglected, abused or orphaned children.

Angel House is located in a quiet provincial town that provides a pleasant and safe environment for the children in our care, with a supportive local community. The Angel House buildings provide excellent accommodation for the children and staff, with four large bedrooms and an indoor play area. Our large garden gives the children plenty of space for outdoor play, with swings, slide and bicycles to ride on. In addition to our Director, we have one social worker, four resident caregivers and a domestic helper.

We accept children from newborn up to age ten years upon admission and have fourteen children with us right now. The youngest is four months old and the oldest is now twelve years old. Only two of our children are for adoption and we prepare all their documentation so that they can be matched with approved adoptive parents by the government social services. The rest of our children are for temporary care only and will eventually return to their families after staying in Angel House.

There are many reasons that children need our loving care and protection; some of our children have parents in jail for abuse or in connection with drugs, others have been neglected by their parents or one parent has left the family home, leaving a single parent in difficult circumstances. We constantly monitor their family’s situation and work towards re-uniting the child with relatives when they are ready. Our social worker follows up their case to make sure that the child is being well cared for.

Covid-19 has been a big challenge for everyone, including the staff and children of Angel House. Our children have not been allowed to leave the center since March of last year, but they have coped very well, given the unusual circumstances (we do take them to a private beach resort once a month). Nine of our children are enrolled at the local elementary school, but are being home-schooled through modular learning with the help of our staff. Our infants and toddlers are given stimulating activities to ensure proper development.

Angel House receives no financial assistance from any government or religious organization, relying only on donations from individuals across the world that truly appreciate the important work that we are doing to change the lives of these vulnerable young children. Raising sufficient funds has been a constant struggle and that is why we were so delighted to be chosen by Moms against Poverty as their first project here in the Philippines. Their funding means that we have the food, baby formula, medicines and educational supplies we need, plus we can pay for our electricity, water and cooking gas. We can’t thank you enough for your amazing support that will give all of our children a brighter future.



A child that is nourished is a child ready to learn.

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