Remittances Increasing the Hunger Pandemic in Nepal

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Remittances Increasing the Hunger Pandemic in Nepal

By Map Team
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In early July, due to the increase in Coronavirus cases, the government reissued strict country-wide lockdown orders. The lockdown began on March 24, and cases remained under 1,000 up until May 28. The strict lockdown and re-closure of all non-essential businesses has put families across the country yet again without an income.

Adding to the already difficult situation, tens of thousands of migrant workers began returning home from India, Middle East, Malaysia and elsewhere after the June 1st release of travel restrictions and reopening on June 15. The coronavirus pandemic has
caused migrant workers to swap the risk of death or injury at work with the reality of poverty and homelessness at home.


More than 56 percent of Nepal’s 5.4 million households have been affected as remittances drop due to global recession. (Source:

With little or no saving to purchase food and necessary supplies these people are struggling to provide for their families.

MAP continues its efforts providing food and hygiene products to families and an orphanage in Nepal, collaboration with Sunsar Maya.

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