Students of Senegal Go Back to School!

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Students of Senegal Go Back to School!

By Darya Kaviani, MAP Senegal Outreach Coordinator

The Need

As we anticipate the start of the school year for the students of Sénégal, we recognize that now more than ever, the support of the MAP community is vital to the learning and livelihood of the students we serve. In March, schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but with the situation under control in Senegal, students are able to return to school.

As the first day of school approaches, we are increasingly conscious of the critical needs that must be met to make our schools in Sénégal as conducive to student development, growth, and success as possible.

Not only does your invaluable support improve the state of our schools as they exist today through upgrades and refinements, but it also allows us to take on brand new initiatives to improve student lives.

After a historic flood season in September, many of our schools are in need of repairs and reinforcements to prepare them for the new year. This year, we’re also hoping to give our teachers new technological tools to optimize the classroom, each and every contribution goes directly to improving schools and therefore student lives.

The Connection Between Resources and Students
This year, we hope to further improve the learning environment for our students. Many studies show that innovating the classroom setting improves collaboration, prepares children for the future, connects teachers with their students, incorporates different learning styles, and creates a more engaging environment.

In an age where groundbreaking technology is making milestones in the ways that the classroom operates, it is imperative that we do our best to level the playing field and enable our teachers to succeed in a healthy, optimized, and constantly evolving work environment. Every contribution from our donors means that more students have access to new and improved resources and higher quality learning climates. Donate to give the students of Sénégal the first day of school that they deserve!



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