More Than Just A Preschool

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More Than Just A Preschool

By Larson Holt, MAP Senegal Program Director
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In Senegal, child mortality remains a large concern. For every thousand children born in Senegal, 44 will before reaching the age of five. This rate is seven times higher than in the United States, and reflects a lack of proper nutrition and healthcare.

MAP’s preschools provide a foundation for children and families, and are much more than just a classroom. Preschools serve as a connection to countless services and programs which nurture the lives of over a thousand children who attend MAP preschools in Senegal.

At each of our preschools, every student is fed a filling, high-protein meal daily. Our preschools bring in doctors and nurses to check on the students regularly, ensuring they can play together happy and healthy.

Our preschools also allow parents to spend time away from their young children and enable both parents to return to the work more easily and provide for their families.

Every MAP preschool in Senegal is a centerpiece of the community it serves and is a crucial part of saving lives—through education, health, and nutrition.  Join MAP’s Giving Circle today and you can help continue saving the lives of young Senegalese children.



A child that is nourished is a child ready to learn.

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