Grateful for Our Teachers and Principals in Senegal

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Grateful for Our Teachers and Principals in Senegal

By Larson Holt

As the school year wraps up, we want to make sure to recognize the incredible work accomplished by our teachers in the past year.  While Senegal’s COVID-19 situation has remained somewhat stable, relative to other countries, schools were closed for the better part of 2020. Without the capability to shift to online learning, the school year had to be extended well into July 2021 in order to allow enough time to complete all the material. This meant that when schools reopened, teachers had a significant amount of catch-up to do, in addition to pressing quickly through the upcoming school year’s material. 

They have worked incredibly hard to help these students through a plethora of material, in particular 5th grade students who have to pass a national exam to continue into middle school. 

In particular, we’d like to spotlight our Cheikh Amadou Lô elementary school and its principal, Siga Diouf.  Siga’s incredible work to motivate teachers, families, and students has enabled her students to set their highest ever scores on the 2020 end-of-year exams, which is a huge accomplishment amidst such adversity.

We should always recognize teachers for the important work that they do, but in particular, this year has been a challenging one where teachers have answered the call of duty, going above and beyond to support their students.

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