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MAP Dormitory in Cambodia

By MAP Cambodia Team

When MAP first started in Cambodia, the orphaned kids we supported were just that—kids. But after ten years of MAP working and developing our community, some of our children have grown into teenagers and young adults, and with that change comes new opportunities for expanding MAP’s programs.

Our team has been observing the behaviors of our foster children and developing solutions for their new challenges so that we can continue to support their path towards self sufficiency. One issue the young adults in our foster program face is the problem of transitioning out of foster homes and into their own household. The perfect solution to accommodate our foster young adults was to build a new dormitory space for them.

With help and guidance, several of MAP’s young foster adults helped to build rooms for themselves. This new space helps provide privacy and increased independence as well as empower these young adults to develop the skills they need to become self-sufficient members of their community.

Additionally, this dormitory provides a safe space for the young adults in our Foster Program to distance themselves from the difficulties, temptations, and distractions that many Cambodian adolescents have to deal with as they mature. Malnutrition is rampant and many Cambodians fall into child labor or sex trafficking. Others succumb to drug abuse and become even more financially compromised. MAP’s mission is to empower children and create the best environment for them to prosper.

This project spanned several weeks and many hours of tough labor but ended in the creation of small rooms that orphans could call their own. Living in their own space has motivated these young adults to take charge of their own space, keeping it clean and orderly teaching them responsibility and the first steps towards self-sufficiency. Through this project they learned basic construction and welding skills which they can use for future employment.

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