28 New Laptops: Game Changer for Our Cambodia School

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28 New Laptops: Game Changer for Our Cambodia School

By Cambodia Team

It is with great excitement that MAP Cambodia was able to recently purchase 28 new laptops for our students! Since the creation of the MAP Cambodia School in 2014, the basics of computer knowledge like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Photoshop have been a part of the curriculum we have been teaching our students. Essentially, our program has increased engagement, participation, and bringing creative ideas to life inside the classroom. Interestingly enough, some of our students have initiated many of the creative activities within our curriculum and programs we administer on a daily basis, due to the areas they believe need more attention. For this reason, the students themselves highlighted the media-related tasks that need to be fulfilled and have been doing so with our new laptops and gained experience, leading to the inception of the MAP Media Academy.

Ultimately, technology has a crucial role in empowering children by facilitating communication, education, and activism. However, not all children have equal access to digital media, including our students of MAP Cambodia School. For children in a developing country, access to technology is still one of the biggest issues they face. Hence, if children have regular and reliable access to digital media, it could lead to essential purposes like access to information; education; self-expression/creativity; and entertainment. Therefore, we are very excited about our new 28 laptops so the MAP Cambodia School can accomplish our goals for the students to acquire the skills and experience with technology, in hopes that they can express their talents in whatever way that appeases them.

Although music was the initial start of MAP Media Academy, the ongoing creative energy continues to inspire our students to equip themselves with innovative skills to enable documentation and simultaneous development of marketable skills. There are a variety of subjects our students have derived a passion for, such as; media, photo, audio, video, documentaries, poetry, ethnographies, short stories, etc. These are now the academy’s central focus within our curriculum, including music programs. Our teachers ensure the revision and progress of our curriculums depending on our student’s interests in order to support their passions.

The MAP Cambodia team is sincerely looking forward to next month’s monthly blog to reveal plans of enrolling our students in a vivid and entertaining media production process. None of this would be possible without your support, and we hope to continue our school’s growing curriculum with your help.



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