Hunger Relief Impact Story in Iran

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Hunger Relief Impact Story in Iran

By Daniel Judge

This year, my Mom collected all her savings so that she could open a haircut shop in our small town and have her own business. I was excited that our family would be able to afford new clothes with the money and that my little sister, Zahra, and I wouldn’t be embarrassed anymore. Since our father passed away, we often wore hand-me-downs given to us by our neighborhood, and several times, Zahra was made fun of because of this.

We were happy, and everything was looking up until the news of the virus came to our small town. Soon, no one in our neighborhood was willing to get a haircut, and my mother was forced to return the rental shop to its owner. We were back to where we were before, no, even worse.

My mother was no longer working and was in debt to the rental shop owner. She didn’t even have the money to buy us food. I remember one night we didn’t have anything to eat, not even a single potato or grain. My mother didn’t know how to calm 7-year-old Zahra, who was crying and aching with hunger.

However, fortunately, someone was there to help. A man from NGO MAP and Nikgaman Jamshid knocked on our door and brought us a package full of good food. Zahra, who had been crying moments before, began to rejoice that tonight, Mom would make us pasta. We had enough food to be comfortable for several weeks.

There are many people like Zahra and her family, who go to bed hungry on a daily basis during these troubled times. Please consider becoming a monthly donor to help support our hunger relief efforts and ensure food stability from families like these.



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