COVID-19 Hunger Relief in America – Your Contributions in Action

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COVID-19 Hunger Relief in America – Your Contributions in Action

By Daniel Judge

The coronavirus pandemic has left millions of Americans without work and many who struggle to support themselves and their families on a daily basis. All this while, MAP has been aiding communities across the U.S., fighting to ease the added burden that the pandemic has put on families.

Over the past two and a half months, MAP has provided food to over 30,000 children and families across the country. We are excited to share pictures of grocery boxes being delivered to MAP’s partner centers such as the Peninsula Family Center, El Shaddai Ministries, and the Castro Valley School District, which have been distributed to families in-need by drive-through in Northern California. These are just a few of the many partners that MAP has supported in the U.S. throughout the pandemic.

Even prior to the coronavirus pandemic, MAP had considerable experience battling food insecurity and providing hygiene essentials to impoverished children in the U.S. When the pandemic first began, MAP expanded its existing programs and was among the first organizations to empower partnered schools and community centers to distribute emergency meals to their local community. We then mobilized to supply necessities, such as grocery boxes and hygiene products, to families in need on a regular basis, ensuring lasting stability and a measure of comfort during these difficult times.

In the past two and a half months, MAP has provided over $150,000 in food to our community. 10,000 meals were provided to families in the San Francisco Unified School District, and $7,500 in gift cards were distributed to students of City College San Francisco. On the other side of the country, 20,000 meals were provided to underprivileged children in our nation’s capital, with the help of the D.C. Central Kitchen, and an additional 400 through Mariam’s Kitchen. On top of this work, thousands of grocery boxes, nearly 100,000 lbs. of food, has been provided to families in California, Washington D.C., Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

This work would not be possible without the generous contributions of the LDS Charities, Neda Nobari Foundation, Kat Nouri, Phenium, EACH Foundation, Comerica Bank, Safeway Foundation, and all of you who have donated through our Hunger Relief campaign.

The gradual relaxing of stay-at-home orders and business regulations is a promising step towards our nation returning to normal life. However, the socio-economic damage that this pandemic has wrought will take much longer to heal. We plan to expand our programs and continue supporting disadvantaged and unemployed people until communities are safe and the job market has stabilized.

We need your continued support to make this happen. Please consider donating.



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