Iran, Permit Renewal, & Your Contributions In Action

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Iran, Permit Renewal, & Your Contributions In Action

By Bobak Bakhtiari

In 2019, increased US sanctions left Iranians with less access to fundamental needs, causing 70% inflation,  and immensely crippling the economy.  To exacerbate the civilian burden, flooding in the Spring caused an estimated $2.2 Billion in damages in 26 provinces. 

Through our decade long alliance with our sister NGO Nikgaman Jamshid, and with our special (OFAC) permit to send funds to Iran, MAP is among the very few organizations in the US that has been able to stand by Iranians as they struggle through such taxing circumstances.

After the floods, MAP rapidly identified and supported several critical flood areas afflicted,  distributing emergency provisions of food, hygiene supplies, blankets, and clothing to communities in the provinces of Golestan, Lorestan, Khuzistan and Fars. We then  worked diligently to secure expedited permits and commence infrastructure projects for schools and other buildings irreparably damaged. We have commited to 19 projects in a variety of provinces. A more detailed report on flood relief reconstruction will be published shortly.

How intense was the flood?
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Our multifaceted work in Iran this year still falls in line with our core goals of education, wellness, hunger relief, and orphan care. Construction projects completed include 14 schools and 3 pre-schools. In addition, we’ve established 10 village daycare centers in remote and impoverished villages of Iran, bringing our total of these such centers to 80. 

In keeping with our Health and Wellness philosophy, our Kermanshah Earthquake Reconstruction efforts have manifested into two new health clinics that are providing care. We are also still providing free health insurance for orphaned children in Kerman, and therapy for special needs children in Tehran via our Avizeh center. 

As a heater safety initiative, we funded the replacement of several dangerous oil burning heaters. This meant 275 new electric heaters for several impoverished villages throughout Iran. In addition, our Norouz (Persian New Year) campaign manifested 2,000+ food baskets for Iranian families in Sistan Baluchistan, Khuzistan, and Lorestan.

In Kerman, our lifeline support of our Vocational Center continues to serve young adults,  teaching rug weaving, wood-work, and other vocational workshops. In Bushehr, we also remain lifeline supporters of a  Vocational Center.

In keeping with our orphan care paradigm, we remain lifeline support for operational sustenance of 20 orphanages, renovated the bathrooms at our Avizeh Special Needs Center, and also funded operations of our privately run all-girls orphanage in Kerman, House of Flowers (Khaney-e Golha). The Avizeh Center in Tehran provides mental health and therapy to developmentally challenged and disadvantaged youth. These are just a few highlights, as more detailed impact data can be found here.

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We're excited to share pictures of 5 of 14 newly constructed schools in Iran. These schools were made possible thanks to donations from the Tahbazof Family Foundation, The Javaherian Family, Tara Nader, Bay Area Hope – OMEED Group and Volunteers from Google.

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