Helping 25 Students Continue Their Studies

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Helping 25 Students Continue Their Studies

By United States Team

The past year has been an eye-opening experience for many people all over the world.
Everyone from all stages of life were affected and needed to make adjustments. Some of the people that were hit the hardest were students.

Did you know that over 20% of community college students in California are homeless? That one third of college students in CA experience food and housing insecurity? When classes were moved to virtually, over 100,000 students reported that they are unable to obtain a functioning laptop or purchase a new laptop to attend class.

MAP in collaboration with Santa Ana College purchased and distributed 25 laptops to their low-income students. With our help these students will be able to continue their studies and help better themselves and their families. Here are a few messages of gratitude from the students that benefited from the donation.

“This year I am planning on finally getting my high school diploma. This laptop is going to provide me with the tools I need. I only have a few more classes to complete. Due to COVID I was not able to continue my studies but with this laptop I will even be able to take more than one class and finish sooner than I had expected. After I receive my diploma, I will be able to have a higher-paying job, all thanks to your help.” – Julie

“This laptop is going to help me take my classes using a computer instead of my cell phone and be able to see the class on a bigger screen. Thank you for this computer which is making it easier for me to take my classes and be able to finish my courses as soon as possible.” – Alicia

“This laptop will make my life 100 times less stressful – thank you! I can concentrate on my actual classes now instead of trying to jump over more hurdles/fences trying to troubleshoot my old non-functioning laptop.” – Nora

“I am writing to you with gratitude for the laptop provided, since with it, I will be able to continue my studies of English as a second language online with Santa Ana College. Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, we have not been able to attend classes at SAC and economically we are going through a very critical moment. Thank you.” – Andres

This past year has taught us that our situations can change in a blink of an eye. Students are our future, so let’s continue to do our part and help those who are in need.



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