MAP Community Outreach & Education Program Presentation at UNICEF​

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MAP Community Outreach & Education Program Presentation at UNICEF​

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We are excited to share pictures from Meeting of the UNICEF Provincial Committee on Women’s and Children’s Rights in Cambodia. In this meeting, MAP Cambodia’s Community Outreach and Education Programs were presented as an example and role model for other NGO’s to follow.

UNICEF especially outlined MAP’s effective and strong social outreach work which includes; regular home visits, consultation meetings, reporting sheets and follow ups. This structure helps, the children, families and foster families that are part of the program get regular support and supervision with the goal to facilitate a safe and protected environment at home as well as a regular attendance of the public school and MAP Cambodia’s own education center.

We are grateful to Samphors Un and the rest of our team for working so hard to help build a better future for so many children and their families.



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