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Danesh powered by MAP+InspireTech is a STEM Education program for refugee girls from the Middle East grades 3-12 in Northern California. Launching in the Summer of 2022, Danesh creates a space for learning science/tech that infuses role-modeling, fun, creativity, encouragement, and kindness. As a result, the girls will gain competency and confidence, opening a path for their future growth and opportunities.

The Danesh program provides insight into the field of study and jobs in STEM. Sparking the girls’ interest in science, engineering, and technology will allow access to better paying jobs, and greater economic opportunities for them, their families, and communities. Girls who complete the workshops will receive a Certification of Achievement in STEM.

Danesh workshops will encompass the following lessons. (Each lesson will be modified to target
the age and abilities of each girl.)

  • Learn about electricity and circuits, make circuits with play dough
  • Sew with electronics
  • Make circuits and lanterns with cell batteries and other parts
  • Use electronics bits to create various gadgets using sensors and motors*
  • Learn about binary numbers
  • Learn about Programing and Robots
  • Draw with Robots
  • Learn with Snap Circuits
  • Teach programing using sketch (MIT Educational software)
  • Learn about the history of Women in Technology
  • Create Art with Technology
  • Learn about possible educational majors in high-tech; higher education preparation
  • Learn about job opportunities, companies, and salaries in high-tech
  • Learn about social media and online safety
  • Learn about the impact of high-tech in our future
  • Hear talks on Immigration (challenges and opportunities) to US and the value of education for girls



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