Doch Chkae, the metal band born on a rubbish dump

It was the most powerful symbol of the poverty under which many lived in mid-2000s Cambodia: a vast rubbish dump on the outskirts of the capital. For many, the Stung Meanchey dump near Phnom Penh was home. About 2,000 men, women and children would sift through the 100-acre mountain of rubbish in appalling conditions looking […]

MAP Cambodia’s Accountant and Musical teacher in the News!

When she first took the stage with a song called Evil Husband in 2016, Vartey Ganiva was immediately labelled Cambodia’s first Queen of Punk due to her ‘unusual’ taste in music. Three years into her career, the 26-year-old said she has found a new sound that fits her best. Anith Adilah Othman speaks to Yab […]

Our MAP Cambodia Heavy Metal boys performing in Germany!

This is one of those awesome stories that should be shared… Wacken have just released this cool background story to how Cambodian metal band Doch Chkae were able to finally make it to perform at this year’s Wacken Festival. Read more… » Wacken Release Statement Regarding Cambodian Metal Band Doch Chkae » CAMBODIAN BAND DOCH CHKAE […]

Moms Against Poverty Bring Nutrition and Stability to Underprivileged Children

In 1999, Delfarib Fanaie and her husband Farshid Samsami traveled to Iran, the country of their birth, with the intent of adopting a child. Over the years spent in Iran, the couple witnessed firsthand the plight of impoverished and malnourished children in the region. Instead of one child, they ended up bringing three into their […]

Moms Against Poverty reaches wider audience

Dozens of community members—many of them Iranian-American—gathered at The Laundry, a swanky Mission event space on 26th Street, on Saturday night to raise money and awareness for Moms Against Poverty, a non-profit founded in 2008 by an Iranian-American determined to do something about poverty. Read more… » Moms Against Poverty reach out beyond the Iranian […]

ABC7 donors help ‘Moms against Poverty’ nonprofit expand services

We have a wonderful update for you on a story we brought to you last December about a very ambitious charity helping Bay Area children. It’s called the “Moms against Poverty” program, or MAP for short. — SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Read more… » ABC7 donors help ‘Moms against Poverty’ nonprofit expand services

Best Practices for Compiling a Nonprofit Annual Report

Most nonprofit organizations release annual reports with the purposes of providing insight into the way their donations are used, and the impact of those donations. Of course, the ultimate goal of these reports is to maintain those existing donor relationships and encourage new donations. So how can nonprofits structure their reports to help them accomplish […]

ABC News and MAP’s 2017 Earthquake Aid

Rendered numb from the news of a devastating earthquake in his home country, it took just an hour before Tohid Najafi, a Detroit-based Iranian medical professional, launched a Facebook fundraiser. Read more… » Earthquake-ravaged Iranians receive aid with help from Facebook

MAP Cambodia: Musical Alchemist of Aggression: Timon Siebel

With music, Timon Seibel gives the children a chance to express themselves and gain self-confidence. One heavy-metal band he manages recently won a grand prize in a contest. Read more… » He teaches rock ’n’ roll to disadvantaged children in Cambodia

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