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Update | Iran Flood Relief


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Nikgaman Jamshid Charity, MAP’s sister NGO in Iran, has obtained a PERMIT from the Iranian authorities to raise funds for the victims of the recent floods in Iran! 
Nikgaman Jamshid NGO (registration # 37325) – Moms Against Poverty’s Sister NGO continues to diligently act as the local agent of Moms Against Poverty in Iran.

In addition to its charity work focused on children in need, Nikgaman Jamshid has been a frontrunner in bringing relief and aid to the victims of natural disasters in Iran. Our work in this area is focused on immediate relief, short-term relief and reconstruction, such as was the case following the 2017 Kermanshah earthquake where immediately following the earthquakes: (i) we distributed several tons of food and basic provisions, then (ii) reconstructed two rural health clinics and four pre-schools completely destroyed and fully furnished them; (iii) we are currently completing the reconstruction of six other pre-schools; (iv) we helped day centers and other preschools with mental health programs; (v) provided four mobile health units and offered other projects aimed at helping those affected.

Just recently, we distributed hundreds of standard and safe heaters in Sistan & Baluchestan province.
We continue to remain a very transparent charity with full reporting to our donor-base. We continue to be compliant with all local laws and regulations which have earned us the title of a trusted charity amongst the authorities. We have been granted a PERMIT by the relevant authorities to collect funds from donors to be help the victims of the floods in Iran. 
Please feel free to contact Ms. Samira Safavi in Tehran with any questions you may have starting April 8, 2019. Tel. #’s in Iran 88503637, 88768533, 88526635

Our team in Iran has been assessing the flood damage.
Thousands of children and families have been displaced, lost their homes, businesses and livelihood. There has been major destruction in various provinces and as a result orphanages and centers for children with special needs have been destroyed. MAP will be, first, providing providing basic needs to the affected children and families in the following provinces: Mazandaran, Golestan, Fars (Shiraz), Lorestan and Kermanshah. We will then help with the reconstruction and repairs as needed, with a focus on repairing 42 pre-schools which have been severely damaged as well as several centers for special needs children and orphanages. Please also note that the need remains great as we continue to assess the situation. Unfortunately, the inclement weather continues. We will know more once the flood and rains subside!

We are grateful to everyone who has donated to this cause. This is a time of unity and global community, these people need our support! Please Don’t Hesitate to Help.

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