2018 Year-End Report

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2018 Year-End Report

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MAP Education Programs 

Our education programs are designed to build a pathway for children out of poverty. We establish, build, and manage schools, preschools/day care centers, libraries, before and after-school education programs, vocational training centers, and cultural centers. This year, we have:

  • Constructed our 7thSchool in the village of Ney, Kurdistan and our second Library in the village of Toolash, Ardabil, Iran. Additionally, we began the construction of 13 new schools in various villages of Iran.
  • Established 22 more daycare centers/preschools (Roostamahd) in the remote and under-resourced villages of Iran. Brining our total to 72 such centers.
  • Continued operating our Vocational Training Center in Kerman, Iran.
  • Provide ongoing support to the MAP-constructed Cultural and Vocational Training Center in Bushehr, Iran.
  • Continued supporting the after-school science program, and funded an outdoors learning space at Bryant Center in San Francisco, CA.
  • Supported the vocational training program for special-needs teens at HAAS workplace readiness programin HI.
  • Constructed our fourth school and provided daily meals for hundreds of students at our three other schools in Senegal.
  • Provided much needed generators to 16 village schools, helping to provide education to over 5,500 students in Sierra Leone.
  • Continued the operations of our school (HOPE) and vocational training program in Cambodia. This year,we added a daycare program and computer coding program at the school and fabric weaving and sewing to our vocational training program.
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MAP Hunger Relief & Basic Provisions Program
Our Hunger Relief and Basic Provisions Programs are designed to help provide suitable living conditions, nutrition and necessities, such as food, clothing, personal hygiene products, laundry facilities, school supplies, and other basic necessities for at risk children and their families. In 2018, we have:
  • Continued providing basic provisions for orphaned and disadvantaged children in Iran. 
  • Continued providing regular provisions of food, hygiene, and basic needs to thousands of impoverished children in the U.S. through MAP’s Nutrition Outreach and Hygiene Programs. This year, we extended our program in partnership with 6 new centers in Oakland, San Francisco in CA and Philadelphia, PA., as well as Lava Mae which supports the homeless community in San Francisco and Sufi Center Committee which supports the Santa Fe Indian Center in New Mexico.
  • Provided over 2000 toys, food and hundreds of gift cards for impoverished children during the holiday season as part of our Holiday Helping Hand Project in CA.
  • Provided regular meals to impoverished children in Senegal through our four schools. 
  • Provided daily meals for 100 impoverished children in Guatemala.
  • Provided food, gas tanks as well as school supplies, clothing, and school tuition fees for families living in the poorest neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
  • Provided food and basic provisions to the victims of Camp Fire in CA, Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas and Hurricane Michael in Florida.
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MAP Orphan Care Program
Our Orphan Care Programs are designed to help orphaned children to thrive and live healthy and happy lives. We develop and manage loving homes and renovate under-resourced orphanages to help improve the living conditions and well being of these children. This year, we have:
  • Continued operating MAP’s privately-run girls orphanage (Khane-ye Golha) in Kerman, Iran.
  • Continued providing monthly savings and health insurance for orphaned children in Kerman, Iran
  • Continued providing therapy for special needs children at Farkhondeh Center in Tehran, Iran.
  • Continued operations of MAP’s foster care program in Cambodia. 
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MAP Kermanshah Earthquake Relief Efforts 2018 & 2017

This year, we provided basic provisions and 1000 much-needed winter coats to children and families effected by the November 2018 earthquake in the region. Additionally, we constructed two health clinics and five Kindergarten/preschools in the area as part of our 2017 earthquake reconstruction efforts.

In 2017, we provided 50 tons of relief and basic provisions, such as water, blankets and tents to the victims of the earthquake. We next, purchased and equipped four mobile (connex) units that were used as mobile health clinics in the area. Finally, we purchased 150 heater-air conditioner units, which were distributed to families living in tents.




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