STEM Education Workshop for Afghan Refugee Girls

As someone who works in the field of healthcare, there are 3 things I know to be facts: First, is that California is currently facing significant healthcare worker shortages, and it is projected to become even worse over the next 10 years. Second, the World Health Organization has noted considerable disparities in health outcomes for […]

Maternity Clinic Fundraiser for the Rural Village of Sassène, Senegal

The average woman giving birth in Senegal is 22 years old and will have 4 or 5 children. This high fertility rate is mainly a result of the continued desire for large families, early childbearing, and lack of family planning education. Unfortunately, 1 in 30 pregnancies in Senegal will result in the death of the […]

How Adoptive Moms Can Help Kids Adjust To Their New Lives

Around 7 million adoptees are living in the U.S., and approximately 140,000 are adopted each year. Adopting children into your home is a meaningful commitment, but this change comes with a significant adjustment for both the at-home family and the newly adopted. For example, VeryWell Mind states that adopted children are more vulnerable to mental health issues, which means […]

5 Common Misconceptions About Nonprofit Organizations

Source: Pexels Nonprofits are groups whose primary function is to benefit different communities and advocacies. They can come in different forms such as societies, organizations, and unions. Currently, there are roughly 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the country, showing just how successful these groups can be at meeting their end goal. But despite how popular nonprofits are, there are still […]

New Education Program For Refugee Children

As the weather gets warmer and schools get out for the summer, many children have the luxury of summer trips with their families and lavish summer camps. For many of the new refugee children who have come from the Middle East to California in the last few years, their reality is much different. Most refugees […]

Prestigious Jefferson Award for Public Service Goes to Principal Founder, Delfarib Fanaie

On January 27, 2022, five Jefferson Award for Public Service Silver Medal Finalists from the Bay Area were honored.  MAP’s Founder, Delfarib Fanaie was among them! As a Finalist, she will automatically be considered for the national Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award for Outstanding Public Service Benefiting Local Communities this June. The Jefferson Awards were co-created […]

Breakfast Brings Nomadic Kids to School in Khorasan, Iran

For an entire year, 1,380 ashayer (nomadic) children in South Khorasan will be eating a hearty and nutritious breakfast at school.  For most of them, this is the only meal they’ll receive in a day.  MAP, along with generous sponsors and partners, made it happen.  In addition, the nomadic students are provided with backpacks filled […]

A New Soccer Field Leads to Higher Goals in Cambodia

Our Moms Against Poverty (MAP) team in Cambodia recently inaugurated a new soccer field at our school. Sports, especially soccer, play an important role in the education of our children and pave the way for impoverished students to more easily assimilate into MAP’s education program. Unfortunately, poverty cruelly impacts children’s lives in Cambodia, leading to […]

Travel Restrictions Cause Massive Economic Issues in Senegal

“Hear our cries,” is the silent mantra of the Senegalese people. As we move slowly into the New Year, we see not only the staying power of the effects of coronavirus and its variants but also the worsening of the suffering of children and families in the region. The harsh implications COVID-19 has had on […]

Nourishing US Children and Families Month-After-Month

They may be lost to many but they are not forgotten by this Bay Area-based nonprofit, Moms Against Poverty. Children facing hunger are often not seen, especially in affluent areas of the country like California, and D.C. At Moms Against Poverty, they make it their mission to “nurture and educate underprivileged children to their fullest […]

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