How Our Team Keeps Students From Dropping Out of School in Cambodia

The continuous spread of Covid-19, in addition to alarmingly high rates of infection and death, has forced the closure of schools nationwide, both public and private. School closures and the extent of Covid-19 has had a profound effect on the education of Cambodian children, mainly those who are underprivileged, in almost every area across the […]

Assembling School Supply Packages for South Khorasan Students in Iran

On September 22nd, 2021 our school in South Khorasan reopened! We had 821 elementary school students preparing for school (393 girls, and 355 boys). Most of them are from Nomadic families in South Khorasan, one of the low-income provinces in the Northern region of Sistan and Baluchestan province. We also have 41 male students and […]

MAP Donor Site Visit and Testimonial

Dear Friends, I wanted to share with you my firsthand personal experience I had visiting one out of numerous operations MAP is running helping children in Iran. This was an awakening moment for me. Just reading summarized project reports about supporting “n” number of children does not come close to meeting and interacting with just […]

Our President’s Trip to Iran

Dear Friends,  I am so pleased to share some details of my recent trip to Iran. Our travels began in Kerman, near the southeast of Iran. There, several friends and board members from the United States joined the Nikgaman Jamshid team and me on a wonderfully successful visit to our very own private orphanage called […]

Help Us Fight Hunger In Senegal

After a steady decline in the early years of the 21st century, world hunger is again on the rise. A key factor driving this increase in Senegal is urban poverty, as a result of internal migration and extreme weather. In the long term, increasing desertification induced by climate change and unsustainable agricultural practices continue to […]

28 New Laptops: Game Changer for Our Cambodia School

It is with great excitement that MAP Cambodia was able to recently purchase 28 new laptops for our students! Since the creation of the MAP Cambodia School in 2014, the basics of computer knowledge like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Photoshop have been a part of the curriculum we have been teaching our students. Essentially, our […]

Welcome to Angel House

Angel House Orphanage Foundation opened in 2010 and has cared for more than one hundred children over the past eleven years. Our charity is registered, licensed and accredited by the government social services to provide temporary care and also to process adoption cases. Nearly all of our children are referred to us by other social […]

Helping 25 Students Continue Their Studies

The past year has been an eye-opening experience for many people all over the world. Everyone from all stages of life were affected and needed to make adjustments. Some of the people that were hit the hardest were students. Did you know that over 20% of community college students in California are homeless? That one […]

My Childhood Dream

Instead of playing, enjoying hot meals with my family, sleeping and going to school, the best I could hope for was that car owners would let me clean their windshields and give me a small amount of money, or maybe even a generous tip as payment so I could buy some food for my mother […]

Music Wellness Program At A New Level

Developed and undertaken by the Moms Against Poverty in Cambodia, the “Music Wellness Workshop” program, reinvents the meaning of social work by engaging struggling teens in therapeutic, creative interests. Often due to the high cost of the equipment and private instructions, in third world or developing countries pursuing creative arts such as: music, painting, videography […]