The Passion for Knowledge is Kept Alive

Construction of Maryam Mirzakhani School The inauguration of the girls’ high school took place with joy and hope for the students to learn and thrive in science. For this reason, the school was named after Professor Maryam Mirzakhani. Professor Maryam Mirzakhani’s school is now open to all students in the city of Ziarat in North […]

Senegal Meal Program

The Problem No child deserves to go hungry, yet due to the severe droughts that have ravaged Sénégal in the past decade, often followed up by deadly floods, harvests have been depleted and nearly one in five Sénégalese children are affected by acute malnutrition. We want to play a role in reversing that narrative and […]

Moms Against Poverty in the U.S.

When Pastor Mike Cambra began working with the San Lorenzo community nearly 27 years ago, he realized that the people who were coming to his ministry didn’t want a hand out, instead they needed a helping hand. “One of the biggest misconceptions is that someone who is homeless is a druggy or alcoholic and that’s […]

Promoting Literacy in Cambodia – The MAP Cambodia Media Academy

Motivating kids and teenagers to study is by itself, one the big challenges that this wonderful world provides for all the teachers and parents around the globe. Caring and motivated parents work hard around this issue. But children who grow up households that do not support education leaves teachers confronted with a genuine Gordian knot. […]

Afghanistan in the time of COVID-19

In August thanks to your generosity we provided food packets to 200 Afghan families in collaboration with IOC. The packets included food staples such as rice, flour, oil, beans and hygiene essentials such as soap supporting 1400 individuals. This was done thanks to the support of IOC and other volunteers in the town of Herat. […]


Her name means “blessed or sacred” and despite all the hardships her family is experiencing, Moghaddas feels her life is true to her name. Living in a remote area of the Sistan and Baluchestan Province in the southeast region of Iran, she shares a small rented room with her four brothers and parents. Her mother […]

MAP Expands its Orphan Care Program into Senegal

The Problem Today, nearly 1 in 10 Senegalese children aged fourteen or younger are orphaned. These children are often barred from accessing the basic needs that are vital to their upward social and economic mobility. MAP’s mission is to ensure that every child is raised in an environment that sets them up for success, which […]

Struggles of a Child During COVID-19 – Your Contributions at Work

School has always been difficult, but now, it’s worse than ever. My High School moved online this past spring, and with it came all the work, but I couldn’t even see my friends. To make matters worse, none of our parents let us meet up after classes. I understood that it was important to be […]

MAP Cambodia’s Preschool & Day School in the time of COVID-19

In 2017, when MAP’s orphanage in Cambodia transitioned into a foster based care and school, there were still children that needed our help and support during the day. For this reason, we added Pre-school and Day School programs at our center. This program offered a reprieve for especially single mothers whose relatives do not live […]

Remittances Increasing the Hunger Pandemic in Nepal

In early July, due to the increase in Coronavirus cases, the government reissued strict country-wide lockdown orders. The lockdown began on March 24, and cases remained under 1,000 up until May 28. The strict lockdown and re-closure of all non-essential businesses has put families across the country yet again without an income. Adding to the […]