A New Teacher for MAP Cambodia School!

Sok Ry, a MAP Cambodia student since 2012 Located in the small village of Prek Lvea, one hour distance from Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, finding good teachers for MAP’s Cambodia school comes along with many challenges. Teachers who commute from Phnom Penh have quite a journey, in which they must take the ferry that crosses […]

Impact of your Generosity in Iran

My childhood was really tough. My parents’ disabilities and having nowhere to live but at my aunt’s house, made it very hard. Still, among all the problems, my younger sister’s smile was the thing that kept me going. Now, weddings are always joyful occasions, but my cousin’s wedding was disastrous for us. It meant we […]

Norooz Reflections

Growing up, Norooz always meant family gatherings, delicious sabzi polo mahi, picking out new clothes, the exchange of crisp $2 bills, and the joy and laughter that is so uniquely tied to being around extended family and loved ones during this special time of year. Even as an adult, I still get excited in the […]

Families in Need

A few months ago, we told you the story of how internal migration in Senegal has impacted our work and the communities we serve. Built in 2018, our preschool in Mbour’s Medina (locally known as Madinatou Salam) serves a unique purpose. Many of these same migrants come to settle in this district. This is the […]

Donor Impact In The United States

Our efforts in the United States have grown substantially within the past year. Due to the conditions throughout 2020, it was a trying year for most of our Bay Area families, whether dealing with fires or COVID-19, causing over 50 million people to experience food insecurity. In addition, many have lost their jobs or had […]

What’s New in Nepal?

Our efforts in Nepal continue to grow substantially, in partnership with Sunsar Maya, a local NGO on the ground providing educational opportunities to better the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Nepal. With their support we were able to provide life-saving food and supplies to families living in extreme poverty during the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

ShopatMAP.org – Creating Equity & Sustainability Around the World

I am excited to share the news of the official launch of ShopatMAP.org. ShopatMAP is an online boutique, offering artisan handmade, eco-friendly jewelry and accessories. Our products are ethically sourced from emerging and disadvantaged artisans including survivors of domestic violence, single mothers, individuals with disabilities, individuals living in extreme poverty and young entrepreneurs.  Each purchase […]

MAP Cambodia A Look into 2021

2020 was a difficult year for everyone due to the pandemic, but thankfully MAP Cambodia ended the year with exciting news from our Media Academy. For the first time, two of our students passed their high school exam! Socheata and Sakada have been under MAPC’s care for many years. Interestingly enough, Sakada was the first […]

A Special Christmas For Thousands Of Children in Senegal

2021 couldn’t come sooner for the people of Senegal. The Senegalese economy has been able to rebound somewhat from COVID-19, as the tourism sector that makes up a significant part of the economy has reopened. While many restrictions remain in place, and Senegal continues to add to its case count, the light at the end […]

The Empowering Story of Maryam

Hello, my name is Maryam. That’s me in the photo… next to my Mom and the baby. It’s so very cold here and it’s getting colder day by day. It’s getting colder in our hearts too. I can hardly bear to look at my mom and dad these days. They feel so helpless. I’m only […]